Sunday, September 21, 2014

My first 5K run and Runners high


I am approaching 40 years and was feeling the need of some physical athletic activity. Few days ago, one of my colleague Chris talking about triathlon and I mentioned that I never ran more than 0.3 miles on treadmill and he encouraged me to take up a 5K run that was coming up. I looked up the details and it was just the right challenge for me. I signed up for Brian Honana's 5K run on the same day (8th Sept) and had roughly 2 weeks to prepare.
With Chris, after we finished the run.

Preparing to run

    First thing I did to prepare was to look up about all information related to the preparation, planning and motivation. Started running with RunKeeper app to keep track of my progress. I was running 3 miles in just 3 days. First 3 days I had a lot of pain in the legs but a little rest on alternate days fixed it immediately. On the third day I could hardly lift my legs in and out of the car and had to support them with my hands. Did i feel that I should stop running now? Hell No.! Runner's high was all over my mind saying "Pain is temporary pride is forever". I did not tag along with any friend who could have motivated or demotivated me with their pace and distance.



I was reading an article that said "Once you start running, you become an athlete for life". With that comes a good health, conscious healthy choices in everything that goes in your body. Go out, run and discover healthy way of life.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bomb on Western ave Boston/Brighton, MA #BostonStrong

A bomb was found near my office today on Western Ave, Boston/Brighton, Massachusetts.
We were watching cops blocking the the road and wondering what was going on. We saw one of the cop wearing bomb disposal suit. We instantly knew there was a bomb. As we all watched eagerly from our office, they connected the wires to detonate the bomb. 

There was a small explosion and the there were was no damage to any vehicle or property. Needless to say everyone was safe.

Take a look at the video that was shot from my office.

 Street was full of cops and they had cordoned off the street. Multiple firetrucks and emergency vehicles were ready.
This may be to dampen the spirits of next month's Boston Marathon. None of these can affect the solidarity and the strength of our community. #BostonStrong

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Summarizing 2013

This year was very promising and was the one with most travel in my life. It was very satisfying with many ups and very few downs. We moved from Houston, TX to Waltham ( a Boston suburb), MA. Made plenty of new personal and professional friends. 

Few major things I would like to remember this year for
  • Switched the job and moved on to full time consulting. Picture 1: Driving a Mustang convertible on San Diego, CA beach. 
  • Visited New York. This city had charmed us since our childhood with multiple Bollywood and Hollywood movies shot in New York.  
  • True Autumn colors of North east USA were visible specially in Vermont. We had loads of fun exploring them.
  • Winter of Boston/North east. Got to play with good amount of snow almost after 6 years. Enjoyed every bit of winter rather than just tolerating it.

Looking forward to another rocking year in 2014.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Turkeys in Waltham, MA

We have been living in Waltham, MA which is a suburb of Boston Massachusetts. We found turkeys in multiple places. Rishab played with one turkey in Waltham a months back near my office.

Today we found soe of these wild turkeys crossing and stopped by to watch them. There was a lady who was stopping all the cars to make sure that the birds could safely cross the road.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Boston Flowers

Boston is a beautiful city. I took some great pics recently around the city. These flowers were found in a national heritage park. A honey bee made the picture all the more attractive.
Flowers in a park
Its June month and Spring is over, we can still see flowers all over the city. There is also lot of greenery around the city. This blue flowers were found in my apartment in Boston.

And finally one picture for the beautiful lakes in Boston. Lush greenery around these rivers, lakes and almost ever corner of Boston city makes it beautiful.

Rishab is always playful and makes every picture a beautiful one. 

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Country side - Spring, TX

Went out to see a pumpkin patch but ended our journey with a country side dive. We stopped by a hay bale and here is me and Rishab.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memories of Volleyball

From last 1 year we have been playing volleyball. Cypress lake's indoor game center was very handy specially during winter season. On summer days it was even more fun to play on the sand. It was always more challenging to play outside as we need enough people to play and need to close the game on time to avoid mosquito bites and darkness.

In the picture from left to right Leslie, Deepak, Udai, Me, Anshul & hari. Anuj was taking picture :).
Another picture of our old volleyball team (this picture was missing many regular member).

from left to right Chaitanya, Prasanna, Leslie, Manoj, Sharad, Vibhor, Shashank and me.
Also posing are Venila & Abdulla.

I and Leslie always looked forward to play volleyball as often as possible.