Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lion Safari in Cambridge.

Watching captive animals in the cages is much different from watching them freely roaming around in safari.
Lion safari is an attaractive travel destination to see more than 1000 exotic species of animals and birds. Its specially enjoyed by young ones.

It was 60 Kms drive for us to the LionSafari from Stratford.

Entry fee for adults is $22 Cad. which almost covers everything. Map is provided to you so that you can drive through the park by yourself. You can also choose to see the park in Safari tour bus. Check the lion safari website for details and timings.

First animals you will find are Asian elephants swimming in the lake.

You will find Baboons climbing on cars to get whatever people offer them. Be careful & do not to open the windows. You are not allowed to feed any animals in the safari(Although many people do feed them for the sheer fun of having the animals around their vehicles).

Then there were Lions sleeping lazily in the sun. These are not bothered about humans as none of the visitors feed them.

This zebra was just looking around visitors as if its a waste of time.

Herd of deers (i do not know the sub species of it)

Few peacocks were walking between visitors. One of them was dancing with its beautiful feathers open.

Apart from these animals you will also find African Macaws, Different types of parrots, Eagles, hawks, Falcons, Emu, Owls, Cheetah, camel, Yak, American Bison, Rhino, Shetland Sheep and Horse.

Safari also includes demonstration of
Parrots paradise, Birds of prey and elephant round up (this is much like our old days animal circus)

Apart from animals and birds, safari also has Misumu Bay Wet Play area. We were running short of time and could not see this.

Driving experience in canada.

I had to completely unlearn my indian driving habits and start afresh. Most important one was driving on the opposite side of the road and lot of driving rules which must be followed so that others wont honk at you.

Here are some of the driving behaviours that we learnt over a period of time from others who shared the roads with us in the past.
  • we use to pass through pedastrains even if they are crossing (it was also a confusion and scary for pedestrains). And this is nothing new & is very common.
  • Cover all valid lanes by pushing your vehicle where ever it fits (thats how all bikes fit in between all lanes of cars)
  • Not bothered about speed limits as you will never exceed them because

  • 1. Sufficient traffic on the road does not let you speed up but follow them.

    2. Roads have enough speed breakers & Traffic signals to see that you do not reach good speed.

    3. Curves and people crossing the roads

  • Right hand drive (Driving on left side of roads)

  • And over here the driving is 180 degree different.

  • Pedestrains get the highest preference to cross the roads.
  • Change the lanes with precaution and proper signaling.
  • Speed limit violations get you fines delivered right at your door steps :p Roads are good enough to go at 200Kms speed anywhere so you got to control it as the signs tell you.
  • Left hand driving of vehicles. Initially for a few days its scary to see vehicles crossing in opposite directions.

    Learning driving in canada
    Previous driving experience will definitely give you confidence. Do not think of driving from the first day itself. Here are few tips to get you started.

    1. If possible get local driving license. You need to go through proper formal training for this. In Canada it costs up to$40 a class of an hour.
    2. Take your time to see the traffic behaviour and signals.
    3. Read through Drivers handbook for complete listing of traffic rules & driving instructions. Some of the rules change from state to state (applicable to US also) so be watchful.
    4. Do not drive if you do not have valid license. International driving Permit will also do as long as it is valid and in English or French language.
    5. Do not drive without insurance. It is illegal to drive without insurance, fines are up to $2500.
    6. Do not think of driving on highways if you are not very comfortable to drive at high speeds of 100-120Kms.

    Its a great feeling to drive on good roads with greenery all around. I enjoyed every bit of driving on Chrystler Sebring 2007 model. Respect all rules of traffic, have fun and enjoy a wonderful drive.