Thursday, January 03, 2008

Stamps of 2007

Wow yet another year with amazing memories. Best way to remember these events is by making stamps of important events. Since most part of 2007 was spent in Canada, almost all the stamps of 2007 are of Canada.

  • Driving in Canada

    Driving at 120KMS speed on the highways was exciting and memorable event. Read all about my experience of driving in Canada

  • Created

    One of the most important task that i did during my stay in canada was the contribution to kannada lanugage on Internet - A Kannada greetings website. Lots of people use it now, 2500+ hits a day sometime.

  • CN Tower
    visited CN Tower on June 30 read the full details of CN Tower travel experience

  • Niagara falls
    visited most beautiful water fallsNiagara Falls A must visit place on the world map. Dont forget to read my reivew of the niagara falls travel experience

  • Fall Season
    Fall season is the most brightly lit colorful season of the year. We were all excitied to be a part of it.

  • Chilling Winter
    Winter was the exact opposite of fall season. It was the most difficult time of the year. We had to spend almost all the time at home.

    Dont forget to see my previous year 2006 stamps