Monday, April 23, 2007

Swans of Stratford - Avon river

Last weekend we went on lakeside drive. We started at 6:30 - Just incase you are wondering that it will be dark,it wont be. Summers have relatively longer days and it gets dark at about 8:APM here.

Some history..
In August 1918 a pair of swans was released in this river and their population has grown considerably over the years.
White swans (in the picture) are called Mute swans. The Stratford Waterfowl And Nature Society (S.W.A.N.S) Group is a group of volunteers dedicated to helping waterfowl along Avon river (also called Lake victoria)

Swan facts
  • Swans can live upto 25 years.
  • Swans are vegitarians.
  • Male swan is called a Cob.
  • Female swan is called a Pen.
  • Baby swan is called cygnet.
  • Group of swans is called a herd.

    Its common to see some swans crossing the roads and the car drivers waiting patiently for them to cross the road. It was a wonderful evening spent with these swans.

    Swan emergency in stratford.
    If you see a swan in need of help call 519-271-0250 ext 243

    Official website of the swans in stratford
  • Monday, April 09, 2007

    My footprints in Canadian snow

    Its wonderful to see snow again after a gap of a year. Last time it was in Netherlands ,

    now its in Canada. Its an ever exciting thing to step on snow for people like us who come from dry lands where we dont see snow.

    Nature looks beautiful and gets painted with white color all over when it snows. Playing snowball is fun for kids & audults equally. We enjoyed it :)

    Early morning walk gets you some wonderful glimpses of the nature. You get to see the small bird chirping around, Water droplets that got frozen trying to drip from corners, Lakes frozen and lot more.

    Whenever i saw my own steps in the snow i grin'd..."My footprints in Canada!!"

    Since this is almost the beginig of summer we may not find this snow for long.

    I hope summer will be far more exciting when we can walk around places freely.