Thursday, March 30, 2006

Madurodam - Miniatures of Netherlands

Watching that Amsterdam miniature caught our eyes like magnet. We could appreciate how beautifully they had taken care of each and every detailing of the miniature of those buildings.

Madurodam is located near Hague. city buses will take you there in 15 mins.
These miniatures are of exactly 25 times smaller than actual buildings/structures. If you plan to visit or travel in Netherlands make sure this is your first destination. Madurodam miniatures will introduce you to all important buildings and structures of Netherlands.

These are built in open air and amazingly they have been standing against all odds of nature's fury (snow, rain and sun)

We visited Rotterdam bridge after having a look at its miniature (although it was already in our must see list) We were eagerly looking forward to see the original large bridge. Only me and shyam could dare to face the chilling wind on the bridge.

Highway miniatures were so neatly arranged/automated that its hard to make out that its a miniature. Take a look the the video clip :)

Overall A must see place of Netherlands.