Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sumo wrestling in stratford

Although sumo wrestling is played by professionals in Japan and other eastern countries, We dont need to be professionals to try out with special outfits for fun.
This one was organized in Stratford and found it when we were out for an evening walk.

  • Sumo wrestling is Japan's national game.
  • Rules -(1) The wrestler who either first touches the floor with something else than his sole (2) leaves the ring before his opponent, loses.
  • The fights usually last only a few seconds and in rare cases up to one minute or longer.
  • More details

    This is a video footage of my wrestling with one of the participant.
  • Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Ontario place - Toronto

    Ontario Place is a multiple use entertainment and seasonal amusement park owned by the Province of Ontario. Located on the shore of Lake Ontario, just south of Exhibition Place, it is approximately 4 km west of downtown Toronto.

    Opened in 1971, it consists of three artificially constructed, landscaped islands. Attractions are spread throughout the park

    This was 148 kms drive for us. I have a backup driver now, so mostly sit and guide(not yet relax) ;)

    Parents can enjoy water slides with their family, while kids are the stars with all the rides open for them. Even toddlers have a seperate area where they have their own mind games. In the evenings chinese lanterns are lit and it looks awesome.
    Checkout this small video clip from ontario place, taken from digital camera

    Facts related to Ontario place
  • March 17, 1969 - started construction of Ontario place
  • May 22, 1971 - Operational
  • $29,000,000 CAD - spent for ontario place development.
  • Ontario Department of Trade and Development owns this park.
  • park size: 360,000 m² (96 acres), 206,000 m² (51.4 acres) created by landfill
  • Open from Mid may till september 3rd each year.

    Their official Ontario place website

    Google satellite map of Ontario place.

    To Conclude
    We mostly enjoyed the water slides which were of a lil thrill, most other rides were simply for kids. This is the place for family to have fun together. A must visit for people with kids if you happen to visit Toronto.