Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Building playground for Foxbury, MA kids

Friday, September 25, 2015

Melted Crayons Art by Kattimani Boyz

It was a lot of fun melting these crayons with Rishab.
Melted Crayons Art by Kattimani Boyz

Here is a post to his blog with further details along with a time lapse video of how we created this art form.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Exploring Painting

I have been painting for a while and it feels so relaxing to put my mind into some creative work. Oil paint that I use are lot more difficult to handle (dries very slowly) but are worth the time and effort.

I choose different type/style/subject every single time. Painting something new each time also means that I was making plenty of first time mistakes. 

I do not know what do I want to perfect on and hence trying out all forms of painting.
Most of the time, I paint along with my son Rishab.

All my paintings are in the name of "Kattimani Boyz". That's because Rishab also adds some of his magical touch to all my paintings.

And finally a time-lapse video of the whole painting process. Its lot more challenging to paint along with recording a video of it but its worth it. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cambridge Reservoir in Waltham, Massachusetts

Cambridge Reservoir in Waltham is very well preserved. Since there are no vehicle stops or parking spots near this reservoir, its not easy to shoot or any pictures of it. Most people know Cambridge reservoir from its view by I-95. Its lot more prettier when you go around it and walk in a bit to get its beautiful view.

Its breath taking beauty unfolds in autumn. I visited this place multiple times to get near to the location i wanted to get a great view.

Cambridge Reservoir looks mostly dark green for most parts of the year but gets the best possible colors only in Autumn, towards end of September during peak fall season.