Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memories of Volleyball

From last 1 year we have been playing volleyball. Cypress lake's indoor game center was very handy specially during winter season. On summer days it was even more fun to play on the sand. It was always more challenging to play outside as we need enough people to play and need to close the game on time to avoid mosquito bites and darkness.

In the picture from left to right Leslie, Deepak, Udai, Me, Anshul & hari. Anuj was taking picture :).
Another picture of our old volleyball team (this picture was missing many regular member).

from left to right Chaitanya, Prasanna, Leslie, Manoj, Sharad, Vibhor, Shashank and me.
Also posing are Venila & Abdulla.

I and Leslie always looked forward to play volleyball as often as possible. 


Sanjay Kattimani said...

Now after moving to Houston i keep missing our volleyball game often.

viswa said...

You made some nice points there,This post was extremely interesting.keep sharing us.