Sunday, January 22, 2012

Light & Photograhly - Focusing

I havent been able to spend time to learn all the tricks of professional photography, but definitely learnt a few basics. I would like to share the simplest trick of all Focusing....

Tip 1:Focusing
Where you focus while clicking your picture matters most if your camera is on manual setting. This is specially true on DSLR (I do not know if any one of you still use SLRs, I guess they are obsolete) camera's.

If you focus on light source(the brighter part of the picture), your camera captures more light but will not capture the finer details as in this Photo.

On the other hand If you focus on darker parts of your frame(In this case i focused on the darker bulb holder) you get to capture fine details along with nice colors.

On the other hand if the camera is on auto mode, based on camera model, it uses some algorithms to find the best possible focus/setting (But these pictures generally do not turnout to be as good as they can be).

Conclusion : Learning these tricks will help you captures some great pictres even in the very ordinary setup.
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ValuePlusRetail said...

Yes every camera has its own maintain algorithm for focus and bring out the best of colors when use in auto mode.