Sunday, December 29, 2013

Summarizing 2013

This year was very promising and was the one with most travel in my life. It was very satisfying with many ups and very few downs. We moved from Houston, TX to Waltham ( a Boston suburb), MA. Made plenty of new personal and professional friends. 

Few major things I would like to remember this year for
  • Switched the job and moved on to full time consulting. Picture 1: Driving a Mustang convertible on San Diego, CA beach. 
  • Visited New York. This city had charmed us since our childhood with multiple Bollywood and Hollywood movies shot in New York.  
  • True Autumn colors of North east USA were visible specially in Vermont. We had loads of fun exploring them.
  • Winter of Boston/North east. Got to play with good amount of snow almost after 6 years. Enjoyed every bit of winter rather than just tolerating it.

Looking forward to another rocking year in 2014.

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