Monday, March 17, 2014

Bomb on Western ave Boston/Brighton, MA #BostonStrong

A bomb was found near my office today on Western Ave, Boston/Brighton, Massachusetts.
We were watching cops blocking the the road and wondering what was going on. We saw one of the cop wearing bomb disposal suit. We instantly knew there was a bomb. As we all watched eagerly from our office, they connected the wires to detonate the bomb. 

There was a small explosion and the there were was no damage to any vehicle or property. Needless to say everyone was safe.

Take a look at the video that was shot from my office.

 Street was full of cops and they had cordoned off the street. Multiple firetrucks and emergency vehicles were ready.
This may be to dampen the spirits of next month's Boston Marathon. None of these can affect the solidarity and the strength of our community. #BostonStrong

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