Friday, November 11, 2005

Checklist for any travel.

1) Know the place before going there.
You can appreciate the importance and beauty of the place only if you know the details. Read about the place before visiting without missing. You can read about the place through Internet (this being the most resourceful means… just go to google and your keywords will show you what you are looking for), books on those places, friends or people who already visited that place. This will also help you make the list of must visit parts of those places that you must visit.

2) Book hotels in advance
Although this may not be possible all the time, but it always saves lot of your time and energy if you book in advance. You can find the hotels listing with your local travel agent and you can book them too. Internet is another means where you can find the details of the hotel, interact, virtually visit the hotel and book them online.

3) Pack your baggage to suite your travel.
Don’t pack everything; just pick the right ones. Too much of baggage is always a pain to carry. Do not forget to carry a book and a pen. A music player is a good company when you have lot of time to spend during journey. Camera/Handy cams along with batteries are a must to keep the memories forever with you.

4) Most important – Don’t forget to have fun.
That’s the sole reason you are going. So ignore all odds and try to enjoy every moment when you are on any travel.

4) International travel.
  • Dont forget your Passport when crossing countries.
  • Take a letter that talks about the purpose of your visit (Business or tourist letter)

    Happy Journey

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