Friday, November 25, 2005

Jugaad - Vehicles made from waterpumpsets

Abhishek & his father were fascinated by those open vehicles made of water pumps (These are called Jugaads). At last they caught hold of an orphaned one and started trying their hands in it. Interestingly I had seen a documentary on these vehicles on a news channel few months back. These vehicles are called Jugaad. These are made locally and they cost around Rs. 40,000 (That's $1,000). They have poor brakes and cant go beyond 40 kms per hour. They run on Diesel (They are just ordinary water pump sets converted into engine)
Arun added that very often brakes of these vehicles fail and one of the passengers jumps down and applies a manual wooden block as a brake.

We found these vehicles only in Rajasthan just like camels only found in this part of India.These vehicles didn't have any registration number (obviously they are not registered with RTO) hence they end up not paying any tax.

Interesting story of how these jugaads came in to existance.


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