Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fort of Agra

As the name suggests this fort is located in Agra and was used by rulers of Agra. Constructed by Akbar the great. Most significant people who ruled and used this fort were Shah Jahan who built this fort and Taj Mahal. Later akbar made some changes to this fort. Each corner of this fort tells a story. As most of the forts in India this fort also had water surrounded. During those days crocodiles were present in the water making it impossible for enemies to enter through water. Beautiful art work is seen on every corner of the fort.
Started construction in 1565 and took eight years. This is a must visit place in Agra.

It's an amalgamation of buildings and palaces. Different kings contributed to the construction of this palace including Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb.
This is a part of the entrance to the fort. We were told by the guide that when enemies use to enter the fort from this entrance soldiers use to roll stones from the top so that the enemies coming entering will get crushed.

This portion of the Agra fort is has the most beautiful view of Agra. Specially beautiful Taj mahal is visible from this side. When we went there it was early morning and we could see Taj mahal filled with mist on the banks of Yamuna river.

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